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2007 Sep 15 - Sat

Trading Site of the Day -- Trade-Ideas: Real Time Idea and Signal Generation

In another article, I referenced the Trade-Ideas Blog. I don't recall ever making it over to their web site. Today I made it over to their site by way of an article there on Scalp Traders Access Their Best Trades with Trade-Ideas. They have links from their to a page they have whichreferences a bunch of their signals. I've coded several of those signals elsewhere, but this opens a whole new vista on possible trading opportunities from a scalping perspective.

Another page references how their analysis engine uses different time frames, different data types, and different statistics to come up with its signals.

I like how they do mini charts to provide an idea of daily and weekly price movements.

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2007 Sep 13 - Thu

Trading Site of the Day -- Teresa Lo: Power Swings

Teresa Lo is a retired securities analyst who has a site called PowerSwings. Here analytical skills and powers of commentary show through. Two pages of interest, one on Volatility and one on Intraday Trading Strategies are recent articles with some good meat.

For intraday trading, she boils it down to:

  • Use small discretionary setups to scalp the first half-hour, especially when the market is really emotional. I particularly like small flags and gap plays documented in The Ultimate Trading Course.
  • Avoid getting killed after the first hour, when the market usually settles down and starts to chop. Stay out.
  • Get on board the train if it leaves the station in the afternoon for a trend day into the close.

Once I get into the swing of things, I'm hoping I can break her rule #2, which is where I think with contrarian Limit orders, one can make money in that sort of market condition.

She also promotes here Ultimate Trading Course. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, perhaps someone could let me know.

Her site links to a number of high quality blogs. WSJ Real Time Economics for one.

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2007 Sep 08 - Sat

Trading Site of the Day -- Non Dealing Desk: Forum for Forex

For those who want to get inside the wild-west business of forex, Non Dealing Desk Forum appears to be a good one with which to start.

It has quite a number of forum sections, but then ones at the top of the list have to do with 'Non-Dealing Desk Brokers', 'Dealing Desk Brokers', and 'Broker Selection Criteria'. Other forums feature real life examples of what can happen to a trader when submitting trades and stop orders.

Forum participants discuss the pros and cons of various brokers and of what to watch out for.

So even though one sees many advertisments in print and the web for $500 sign up accounts, they really are a guise for taking your money the easy way if you aren't prepared for trading desks trading against you and taking out stops on a regular basis.

So really, in the world of forex, it is caveat emptor. Choose your broker wisely, and above all, really hnow what you are doing (which ironically, may not be possible for the neophyte trying to get started).

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